Saturday, June 29, 2013

China Day 2!!!

Wellll...lets try this again....I just typed a huge post and the secure tunnel got cut off right before I published it....

We're here.
In China.
It's foggy and smoggy.
The food is SO good.
Our feet are worn out.
We walked about 987 miles today.
We climbed a zillion steps up the Great Wall.
We gave a Mandarin Bible to our guide who doesn't know the Lord.
We were chased by Chinese people wanting to take our pictures.
Duck is a sad dinner if you happen to love ducks.
Anna is a MEGA sneezer.
Alexis's red hair causes long looks and LOTS of paparazzi.
I want to scoop up and kiss every Asian baby I see.
Madison, Brittny and Nichole climber the highest...about 20,000 steps UP the Great Wall.
Taylor, Lori and I didn't get so far.
There are 10 million people in this city.
They are so lost.
God heard our prayers! NO RAIN!!!!!!
I'm going to publish this quick before it gets cut off again.

Tomorrow we fly to our orphanage city!!!!!
Thank you for praying....we feel it.


  1. Emily people always wanted mine and my sisters pictures all over Europe because of our red hair cute outfits my mama made. I can just imagine how that is in China! I love your pics. Waking up with China in my heart and on my brain everyday!!!!

  2. Thanks for posting for those of us who are fervently praying for you guys... Love Love Love the pictures!

    Tracy King