Sunday, June 30, 2013

Planes, Trains..and Vans

Today was a looooooooooong day of solid travel for our team.
We left one hotel at 6:30 and didn't arrive at the next one for 12 hours.
But this team!! They are such troopers!!! They made it through two flights, two baggage claims, two security checks (and the Chinese don't PLAY when they pat you down, just sayin...)
One very long van ride to our orphanage city.

I can't even describe to you what the city is like. The poverty left most of us speechless. Not many words were said in the van I was in.  All I could think was, "WHO is telling these people about Jesus???? WHO???"

I feel like I can confidently say that most of these people have never heard His name. You can feel the darkness here very thick.  We learned tonight we are only the second team to ever come here. That both humbles and makes me take a deep breath all at the same time. This task won't be accomplished in a week, I know that. But if one person came to know Christ and their life was radically could change this city of 5 million people like a wildfire.

We had an opportunity to "drop" some of our Chinese/English bibles today. Will you pray with us that they get into hands that will read them? The Word IS God, and all they need is to read it...Lord, PLEASE let them just read it.

Another opportunity came on the airplane. A few of us were in a row with a woman and a precious baby girl. She let Lori hold her while she used the restroom, and we just couldn't take our eyes off her!!! Before we got off, Lori handed her a Bible in her language. She is one in a million Chinese now with the translated Word in her hand.  She was giggling she was so excited to get a gift!! Little does she know the GIFT just waiting for her on those pages. Pray with us that she will come to know Christ when she reads the LIFE giving words!!!!

I'm crying. You? Ok. A few pictures.  Not much from today.
Our first day in the orphanage starts bright and early!!! We are so anxious to be there. This is it. He has prepared us..each one of us in a different way...for these 5 days. We COVET your prayers.

"And this Gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world, as a testimony to all nations...and then the end will come" Matthew 23:13


  1. Em, I've been praying for you all this week and we prayed this AM in our Sunday School class too. There is no doubt the Lord is working through each of you on this brigade! I can't wait to read more, see more, and hear more of the continued work He is doing through you. Keep the posts coming! :) xo

  2. Emily, I never thought of this before but is there anyway we can link up after and I could possibly get some pics from you? Ale is my childhood friend and can reach me. My daughter is from shantou and I would love to have some photos to show her. We didn't get to visit when we adopted her so I have no pics! Her name was li ji lu. If the staff remembers her from 2009-2010 please tell them she is doing so well!! And we still call her lulu :).
    Erika p.

  3. Oh I miss Shantou! Your week at the orphanage will be wonderful. Please tell the staff hello for me. I am praying for you and the team as you minister to these precious children and staff.