Friday, December 10, 2010

What we know so far...

So after 5 days with him we've learned a few things about our tiny prince!
*He loves to leave the hotel room! Kicks his feet and laughs!
*He sleeps just like Annalyse did as a baby...tummy down, knees tucked under and hiney in the air!
*He LOVES his thumb. And only his left one.
*He loves a ball...any size..will choose it over any other toy, hands down.
*He likes his bottle very very warm...if it's too cool, he chunks it across the room!!
*He weighs a little less than 18lbs. Wearing a sz 2 diaper and probably 12 month clothes.
*He hates a bath. I've only given him one in 5 days because he was so terrified. Having another tonight :(
*He's never had shoes on his feet that we can tell. When measured he wore a sz 3 with plenty of room.
*He loves to rock and cuddle...he lays his head down and snuggles in when I rock him.
*He raises his eyebrows when you can his name. (calling him Asher and "gwang gwang" long a) his nickname.
*He's probably thinking, "why does that strange woman have a black thing growing from her eye?" due to the hundreds of pictures I've taken of him!!


  1. Oh Emily, he is just a ding dang cutie pie! And despite the difference, I think his hands and fingers are just precious! Who knew so much darling could be wrapped up in such a little package?! When you wrote that he likes to rock and snuggle in, my heart just ached for that. Wish we could have done the same with our son! I cannot wait for you to get home so I can meet him. I'll bet the grandparents are about nuts waiting to cuddle on him! Hope you, Jay, and Lyse are feeling well and continue to stay healthy for the remainder of your trip.

  2. Such joy, joy, joy!!! Asher is soooooo precious and I love following your blog. Many prayers and blessings from across the sea to you all, Emily...

  3. Oh Emily, he is so beautiful and I'm so SO glad that he's taken to all of you so beautifully. Snuggle-bugs are the best!
    Wish I could meet him. I'd love to take his pictures :)

  4. We are beyond excited for you all! I can hardly believe it was only 4 months ago that we were there! Asher is precious and the photos you are taking are amazing! Continuing to pray!
    Julie Barnard

  5. Praying that he can begin to wrap his little brain around "family", cause he's been lovingly placed into the perfect much love and compassion. Praying that his mama's and dada's fingerprints are making their mark on his little heart even today. What a remarkable transformation to go from one-of-the-orphans to beloved's happening!

  6. Oh Emily!!! I wish I could just jump through my screen and love on that darling boy of yours!!! He is just way. too. precious. And he sounds all boy!!

    Love, Love, Love all the pictures and hearing how wonderful he's doing!

    Enjoy your time in China!!

  7. These are just the BEST pics, Em! They will be treasured forever, that's for sure. I bought some pj's for him but I think they're probably too small...will return them for slightly larger ones. If there are other things you specifically need, please let me know. How 'bout a coat of some kind? It's really cold here! I know your mom has some things for him, as well. I haven't forgotten about the carseat cover. Will do that this weekend. jo

  8. nana
    i do need a few things..a few more bottles and need to make sure that carseat can rear face..I believe it can...will you check the instructions? He's too small to face forward just yet. We can talk about it when we skype.

  9. What I know:

    *He's a precious little prince!
    *You take amazing pictures!


    Gaw lee!!! He's so cute Emily!!

  10. Such precious pictures of your little man!

  11. Oh MY WORD! He is too adorable. And rocking him ... I'm with Petrie, made my heart ache for missing that with our three.

    I LOVE the close-up photos of his precious hands.

    And love that he KNOWS what he wants. Chucks his bottle if it isn't the right temp!

  12. Good gracious he is yummy! I love to hear he is allowing you to love on him, precious boy! Enjoy your days in Guagnzhou.

  13. Asher is PRECIOUS. I love reading the updates and seeing his adorable pictures. thanks for helping me get through finals :) Praying!

  14. Oh, Emily, my heart just melts. You were talked about at Midway Elementary today. Leah and I had a long conversation.

    I look at your photos and am sooooooo glad we have PA now!!!!!! It won't be too terribly long, and we'll be there, holding our precious son, another treasure the LORD will bring from the east.

    And, are you a professional photographer in disguise?

  15. Em,
    The carseat does rear face. You just need to make sure that you have room for it. He's alot like his future buddy Alex (although he was strictly a right thumb guy). By 6 months, Alex would go straight for the ball in the room. Didn't matter what else there was to play with. I think they are going to get along great!

  16. I love the picture of Asher with his big sister a blur in the background watching with what looks like a pacifier in her mouth. Adorable.