Saturday, December 11, 2010

Well, we have been in China a full week. It's been a long day. Feels like time is moving veeerrryyy slow. All day today Jay and I have both talked about home a lot. We're ready :) What I wouldn't give to be getting ready for worship at Sherwood in the morning!!! I've heard the music tom. is going to be AWESOME!! I can't believe we're missing it....we missed it last year as well!!!!!

I have a big long post in my drafts, but to be honest, this just isn't the day to publish it. Just not in the right place right now. Asher continues to make progress! He's reaching more for me and began to make some sounds today! When I say, "mama!" he turns and looks right at me :) We have a long road ahead but we're making baby steps. Tonight we had MEXICAN food!!! We met the Lokey's (sherwood people will recognize that name!!!) and took a cab to a little place that was soooooo good!! We had tacos and fajitas (no chips and salsa *tear*). Goodnight all! Only 4 more sleeps till our 30 something hour trek home!!

Isaiah 43:5

Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west.


  1. Oh Emily,
    Asher is just breathtakingly gorgeous!! I know that you just want to smooch his beautiful face all day long!! Congratulations on your new son!! I have loved just catching up on your gotcha week's posts!! He is seriously a little heartbreaker for sure!!

  2. Oh Emily! It sounds as if you are having a hard day and are homesick. I remember those days in China well. Just keep your eye on the finish line...all of these days are just steps in the process of being home with all your babies together. I know 4 days sounds like a long time but it'll be here before you know it!
    I will continue to pray for you, Jay, Asher, Annalyse and the other girls at home.

  3. Each day is one more day to soak up Asher's long goodbye to China, and it's one day closer to being home. Praying for your heart as you long to see your girls. Love, Petrie

  4. That first picture is just too precious for words...

  5. I remember those feelings all so well! You got what you came for and now its time to go home. Praying for you, Jay, Asher, and Annalyse. Also lifting up Avery, Alley, and Ashley back at home.

  6. Okay, you've got to tell me how to find the Mexican restaurant! I was just moaning last night that I won't be able to eat Mexican food in China.

    Praying for you through these long, hard, last few days in this journey to bring that precious boy home. Give him a few extra kisses for me. He's just too cute not to want to smother in kisses!

    Love ya, Girl,

  7. FYI: I will speak on behalf of all your friends- on the weekends we need extra posts since we're able to check your blog more frequently!

    Have I mentioned that Asher is the most beautiful baby boy ever?! And I know a few things about cute baby boys...

  8. Praying for you guys,not to much longer and you will be home and have all your little ones to hug and kiss on.Remembering those tough last few days when all you want to do is get home,not really looking forward to that part but look at the gift that God has given,what a blessing!What an adorable picture of Asher and Annalyse. Love you guys

  9. International adoption gives new meaning to the "Final Four", doesn't it. That's pretty much where I hit a wall. But during those last 4 agonizing days is when Thing#4 made some major steps in attachment. These last 4 are for him. He's got a wonderful world awaiting him. He'll enjoy it most with a decent grasp on what a mama & daddy are all about. And for your long suffering, I know that God has a few more DELIGHTS up His sleeve, just for you.Know that we are praying for Asher's heart to be captured by your love. Hold on to Jesus...He's holding on to you.....