Thursday, December 9, 2010

Guangzhou Zoo

What a beautiful afternoon to be at the ZOO! It was 70 degrees and sunny with a light breeze...and NO I am not the least bit jelous of the freezing cold weather in GA!! Actually, Jay has the temp so cold in this hotel room, I think there is a chance of frost tonight. Last night I slept in three layers and STILL woke up cold!! Asher has on two layers of PJ's every night!! Ok, where was I? Oh. Zoo.

 This is Amelia...Issac's big sister! She's 4 just like Annalyse and these two have had so much fun together!
This is the 2nd largest zoo in China. Second only to Beijing. All the animals are active and moving around, unlike the zoos in the US when the animals always seem to be asleep :) And honestly, there aren't any good zoos close to us, so I really think this was the first time Annalyse had seen many of these animals in real life. I know, sad. Last time we were here, the Panda was not out, and Avery was so sad! But not today! He was out and active. Asher had a great time, taking it all in from the carrier and just checking everything out. enjoy the pics!

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  1. Three times in GZ and never once been to the zoo! I'm going to have to make sure we do that next time. That photo of Asher in the "pocket" looks like he's thinking "This is not the Mama I signed up for!" Annalyse looks happy...hope she's enjoying the trip! Hugs to you all.