Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Medical Exam, Shaminen Island and Pizza Hut...Day 5

Our day began late today, yea!! We didn't even get to breakfast untill 10am, and it was NICE. After that we headed to the island to walk around a little and have the kid's medical exams. Each child is looked over, has a "hearing test" (squeeze a duck, kid turns head, kid passes!), and is weighed and measured. We have the same pic below with Ashley in 2009 :)

This is the island...72 degrees and sunny and just beautiful! Adoptive families everywhere you turn and lots of fun shopping!!

We headed to the police station to have the passport photos taken for the kids, and then headed to Pizza Hut. Best thing about the place....huge windows with nice lighting for pics :)

 Got some shoes for my baby's feet :) I knew Jay would love the football ones, and the navy ones...oh my. Unfortunatley, I don't think he's ever worn shoes, or has very little, because he was very concerned when I put them on him and wouldn't put his feet on the ground! We'll get there!

It was a looooong day and the only nap he got was on my shoulder on the bus so bottle and bed by 6:30! At this point he won't let us touch his bottle, he has to do it himself, so we're working on that as well. We had some good breakthroughs today! He actually one time, reached out for me!! And we also found a tickle spot! Got a laugh out of him and everything!

In the morning we meet in the lobby at 8:45 for the trip to the orphanage. Prayers appreciated!
Also, PLEASE PRAY FOR POOP. Seriously...not had a dirty diaper since we got him. We need this to happen so we don't have to do anything to help the process along, and I don't want him to get a bad tummy ache. I know you mama's will understand :)
Love you all!!! Goodnight from China!


  1. Oh dear!!! Yes praying for Poop!!!! Poor little thing. You will get there, and he will eventually realize you will be there for ALLLLL his needs!!!
    Precious little thing! Praying for the visit.
    Love watching your journey! SO wish we were there with you again.... ;-) Our time will be soon enough. Hi to Jay for us!!
    Dawn and Pete

  2. Praying for the orphanage visit.

    Love all the pics, especially the one with dad. So sweet!

  3. Hoooorraaay for a fun family day!!! I LOVE THOSE SHOES!!!! That park is beautiful! I love these pictures!!!!
    Praying for the trip tomorrow. A piece of his story.... Love you!

  4. Oh Emily, he is such a cutie pie! We just loved Shamian Park; it's such a beautiful place. We absolutely loved China! Praying for your orphanage visit! Blessings to your family!

  5. Jen do you think you could change the pic in the header to a new one??

  6. Sweet photo of father and son! I love how Asher is cutting his eyes at the camera too! Smart li'l dude! Yeah it was a good 3 months before S would let me hold her bottle. Our Li'l Dude will let me hold him and his sippy cup already. Each one is different. When he gives you his heart though, watch out! I can see he already has yours for sure!