Sunday, March 7, 2010

Asher Part II

….so where was I?

Oh yeah, here..

So that conversation with M. would change everything. I mentioned that I (not Jay:) had been burdened about all the boys on the special needs lists. See, in China, they families want boys. Works out well, because most adoptive families want girls. So there are THOUSANDS of boys in China, and other countries for that matter, waiting for families.

She mentioned that AWAA had a new list of kiddos, and after that, I went to check it out. The very last baby boy on the list caught my eye. Because of this…


See the yellow wicker stroller he’s sitting in?

Check this out….


Ashley, at age 11 months, in Loudi City, Hunan.


Ok, So what, what’s the big deal?

To me, it WAS a big deal! What are the odds?

So then I read about this little guy. Age 12 months, SN: deformed fingers and toes.

I really thought, “there has to be something more….” most if not all of the children on an agencies individual list are older and have multiple, more severe needs. I've been looking at this list for 3 years and never seen a child this young with such minor needs.

So I called.

At the time, M. told me that another family was reviewing the file and were probably moving forward. I was thrilled, honestly! I told her I was praying for them and that the stroller thing had just caught my eye. That was the end of the conversation. But I couldn’t get this kiddo out of my thoughts so I just figured I’d pray for him and for his family.

Then 2 weeks later, M. called back. The family had decided NOT to move forward. Did I want the file?

Ummmmm……did I mention I hadn’t even spoken to Jay about this?

Yeah. I hadn’t.

So I told her “no.”

Then I got on my knees.

“Lord, do you WANT me to speak to Jay about this? Lord, I need something, anything that tells me You want me to talk to him. And I need it FAST!”

I put out a fleece. (Judges 6:36-40) I had been praying for several months, if we ever adopted again, that the child would be from the Guandong province in China. (more on why later). So, I emailed M.

Could she tell me where he was from without giving me the file?

If he was NOT from Guandong, I would know. Not our son.

The next morning, the email came….”Sure, Emily, I can tell you that he is from Foshan City, in the Guandong province.”


(part III tomorrow!)

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