Monday, March 8, 2010

Asher Part III


So after the lump in my throat went away and my stomach stopped flipping, I got up the nerve to discuss the details with Jay. After I basically spilled the things that had been happening over the last few weeks, he agreed to pray about it. And I must admit, I knew the Lord was telling me to SHUT UP about it. Not to try to persuade him or nag him, just to leave it up to the Lord.

After about a week, it was clear…..this was our son.

I’ve left some things out, but believe me when I say that it was overly and abundantly clear. The Lord was (is) calling us, once again, to step out in faith and trust Him.

A few weeks ago, we heard a sermon at our church where the guest speaker gave us this quote…

Jump….and trust the net will appear.”

There are times in life where it just DOESN’T make sense. When the Lord simply wants us to JUMP. And trust that the net will appear. If we had it all together, it wouldn’t be about Him, it would be about us.

And we never want it to be about us.

This is (yet another) HUGE leap of faith for our family. But we cannot simply ignore God’s calling. Well…I guess we could. But the risk of disobedience is not an option. Not because we are fearful…but because we know the BLESSING that we would miss if we did not obey…..

CMAS09 073

See that beautiful baby girl? She is a BLESSING of obiedence. What if we had said “no” 3 years ago when we heard the Lord call? Look what we would have missed!!


here we go again. I know it’s crazy. I know there are those that do not agree or believe in the way that we are building our family. That’s OK. We do not have to answer to them. We do however, have to answer to the Lord….and we want to be found faithful.

We’d love to have you join us! Although, this blog is mainly for the little man that has stolen our hearts…to show him one day how much he was loved. How much he was wanted. How his story may have begun with the word “orphan” but how the Lord had a grand, amazing plan for his life as a son, a baby brother, a grandson…and a child of the King.

We love you already Asher! We pray for you multiple times a day! Your sisters are GIDDY about getting a brother…

they are already concerned that we don’t have any boy underwear.

(See…they’re looking out for the important things already)

As far as a timeline…we’re praying we’ll travel early-late fall. We learned with Ashley, we will get there eventually. However, this baby is not in foster care like she was. He waits for us in an orphanage. So there is an urgency that was not present the last time. We need to get him home. The Lord knows. The net will appear.

Just like Ashley, our main prayer is for his protection while he waits. Second, the Lord has to provide financially. Every dime. He will. We needed a specific amount to get started, and last Friday, we got exactly what we prayed for. He knows our needs and He knows the means to provide them, and we have 100% trust in that.

And….anytime I DO begin to doubt, in the least little bit….

this little beauty comes running through the house chasing her sisters and the Lord whispers…”see..I did it once, and I will do it again..”

CMAS09 092



  1. You guys DON'T jump alone in this journey. MY sweet Asher, your Nammy already loves you sooo much. I want to hold you and kiss those cute little cheeks. I pray for you everyday for God's love to warm you and protect you. He will take care of you until you are HOME. hUGS AND KISSES MY SWEET BABY BOY......

  2. Yay!! Love the story of how the Lord pulled you in to your Asher! Such an awesome story. Looking forward to following you to him!

  3. Yea!!! yea!!!Yea!!! We are so excited for you! Thanks for sharing with us!!! Praying for all of you! Can't wait to see his sweet smile in more pictures- as you get them! :) Praying you get there even faster than is normally possible and that God will be preparing you all for what you will need daily! Yea!!! Thanks for listening to God and blessing this sweet little boy with a loving home!

  4. this is so beautiful. I can't wait to meet him! Praying for God to meet EVERY need in his time. You guys are so awesome and inspiring. Part I really got me - reminds me that I need to seek God's will and not my own - need to be open and seek Him more. Thanks for sharing this with us. Looking forward to reading more.

  5. A BOY!!!!! What exciting news!!!!!I can't wait to follow along!

    We are preparing to travel for our BOY in the next month or so!


  6. Emily, spiritual CHILLS all over! I read all 3 parts of the story!

    Can I just say I've been clicking on your profile on 40pinktoes and checking for ANY NEWS on this new blog! Yes, I've been stalking a bit!

    I can't believe how much God has already SHOWN OFF!!! I love it!!! I can't wait to watch Him work His wonders on this next journey to bring an orphan HOME.

    And since I have access to the AW page and I have seen him, I can second Emily's thoughts on Asher's adorableness and cuteness and as a mom of 2 boys already home and 1 waiting, I can honestly say BOYS ARE BEAUTIFUL and Asher is no exception.

    BTW, love the name. If we had started out with A instead of J, Asher would have been on our list for sure. Not that my opinion of the name matters, but I do love it.

    I am just so excited for Asher and your family. He is going to ROCK your world!!! I can say S definitely added a new layer of craziness to our all-boy world when she came along.

    I am with you on the SN: I remember thinking when the new children were listed that I could not believe this little baby boy was on the list. I mean after AW sent it to just waiting families you know? How they don't put them on the group until they've given current families time to consider these children … I was shocked to see "Brett" on there with such minor needs. He was clearly just making his way to his family, who was not quite on the same page yet … but God is so patient with us.

    And that fleece … yeah btdt. I'll have to share a story about provinces with you. Trouble is, our story isn't worked out yet, but you know a few details. Keep praying about it b/c God hasn't slammed the door shut. You know, I might see in China yet!

  7. Thank you!
    Susan Eaton