Friday, March 5, 2010

Here we go AGAIN!!

Well, it’s official….

we are headed BACK TO CHINA!!

Did I just type that?

This family of girls is thrilled to be going back for a baby BOY!
What the heck are we getting into!?!?!

So how did we get here and what in the world is going on…(if you read Ashley’s journey, remember when I told Jay, after the airplane ride home from you-know-where that I was NEVER going back to China as long as I lived? yeah. Me too.)

Well, it’s going to take me a few posts to catch up on all that has been going on around here since the first of January…yes, we’ve kept it quiet that long, can you believe it?!

So here goes,


Toward the end of last year, we began to really feel the Lord speaking to us about HIS plan for us, not OUR plan. In so many ways, and in instances too many to list, He made it clear to me that I was not as open to His plan for our lives as I thought I was. I often pondered how many blessings we had missed because we were simply comfortable and life was, for the most part, “easy".” I began to search the Word and dig deep!

What it boiled down too was that at I had a deep desire to experience MORE of Him and be OPEN to whatever HE wanted for us.

Go on the mission field? sure

Raise your children in a manner that totally goes against what the world says? Got it.

Actively share my faith and look for opportunities? No problem.

Adopt again?

Ha! Excuse me? Lord, do you know the ages of our children? Let me remind you….7,5,3,2. Do you remember how far away my mama is? Let me remind you….12 hours.

*Let me just say, our experience with Ashley’s adoption was AMAZING and WONDERFUL. We adore her and cannot imagine our lives without her.*

But were we ready to do it all over again? Not now!

Slowly but surely the Lord began to soften my heart ….and not only my heart towards the possibility of adopting again, but my heart for a BOY.

Little did we know,

about this time our agency we used to adopt Ashley had just gotten a new list of kiddos. It was our 12 month anniv. home with Ashley and I emailed our old family coordinator there just to check in and let her know how well we were doing…

that conversation would change our lives…..

(stay tuned!! Part 2 coming tomorrow!)

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