Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lost in Translation {Day 6, Part 2)

Ok, now for a little light post after the heavy hit :)

Let me attempt to set this scene for you.

On one hand: 12 Americans that speak close to zero Chinese. With the help of Shaun and Anna, and my little *tiny* knowledge, we can  say  attempt the following words/ phrases:

*I love you
*sit down
*let's GO!
*count to three
*Little sister/brother/big sister/brother
*NO (omgosh we say this about 347 times a day to the little wild men!)

In the other hand, a sweet amazing guide that hasn't the greatest handle on the English language. In a city where roughly .000000012% of the population speak English. #thatsus


You can see, our ability to communicate is limited to say the least. Ok, next to non-existent.

Just a few funnies that have come out of this process:

*saying the Lokey's son's name in the van...and our guide saying "POTATO!" .....huh? "You say, "Ju-dao" that means, potato!"
So basically the Lokey's named their kid Potato Lokey.  Great job, guys.
(his name is Judah:)

*Asking our guide why there are bars on all the windows of the apartments. Mind you, we've been asking this for several days, with no clear answer. Finally, she responds with "Those are not bars, those are restaurants and houses" So apparently we've been asking about a BAR for days....nice.

*the biggest whammy of them all came tonight at Mcdonalds. YES MCDONALDS. The Lord heard our prayers!!!!!!!! Some of us were hitting a wall, including me, with the food. It's hard. How hard? Some of the selections we had yesterday were: cow stomach, tendons, fat (yes, boiled fat) boiled tofu, fish balls, muscles, sushi......see? WALL.

 So we head to mcdonalds, and about half of the team orders, through our guide, 10 piece chicken nugget meals.
We ended up with 24 BOXES of 5 piece nuggets. They gave everyone two full 5 piece we left with about 10 boxes of nuggets, 10 extra drinks and 10 extra fries.....

Congratulations team, we have affirmed their stereotypes of fat Americans.
Americans, we are so sorry.
The Chinese believe we're all overweight and eat KFC and MCD every day....and the 12 of us just ordered 8 double cheesburgers, 1 big mac, 21 orders of fries, 21 cokes, and 24 boxes of chicken nuggets.
Anna reminded us that when the Israelites begged for meat and had a hissy fit, the Lord send quail and they ate so much it came out their noses....welp, we BEGGED for American food, and
(this was the leftovers)

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