Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Field Trip!! {Day 5}

Imagine the JOY on our faces this morning sitting in the lobby when the orphanage van pulled up FULL of kids!!! They were waving and squeeling as we loaded up for a field trip! The driver took us on about a 45 drive through the city and over a large river. We got out and realized we were at a temple.  Not just a small temple. A very large, ornate one with hundreds of gods. There were people there worshiping and making offerings. Let me say in all honesty, to the eyes it was very beautiful. Full of color and details. Built into a hillside with amazing views.


I've never felt more spiritual darkness in my life. I told Lori, it was hard to breathe inside. Hundreds of gods. People bringing offerings of food. Burning incense. So I just sang...outloud, "How Great is OUR GOD" over and over. I reminded the team members with me of  1 John 4:4,"He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world"..the Holy Spirit that dwells in ME is greater than every.single. one of those pieces of concrete they worship. I know that as ticked off as the enemy was that the Holy Spirit was all up in there, breaking up his party, and there wasn't a thing he could do about it....because we are in Christ, things have to go through Him first....He was our SHIELD in that place today!!!!

I talked some about the spiritual warfare that was happening surrounding this trip. It's still on. My camera is broken.


The devil tries to get us where he *thinks* we'll break. And he knows I love my camera. And he knows what i'm going to do with the pictures. And he knows that they are telling a story of this place and he hates it.  The issue is a simple fix in the US, but not here. But it's just a camera. (Right, Kimberly Ann??) And the Lord doesn't need me or that camera to get His message out. And Lori let me use her dslr today...see? Just like that, my God came through!!!!


When I left the temple today, my iphone totally went dead.  With full battery it was dead and wouldn't come on.  I told Anna "he's really trying isn't he?" We were riding on the bus. I slipped it into my bag and thought, no sir. Not going to be shaken. Bring it on. The Lord is right beside me. (Psalm 16:8) After several minutes I pulled it out and handed it to her. She powered it right up. She said, "now go take the best darn iphone pics the devil has ever seen!!!"

After we left we headed to lunch! We pulled over on the side of the road and I was a little in shock at the place we were walking into.

But the food was actually really good and seeing the children enjoy their food......PRICE.LESS. They probably eat rice porridge every single day. THIS was a treat. They ate circles around us all. What an experience....full bellies on GOOD food.....worth the smell, the fungas soup AND the hole in the floor toilet. i'd eat there every meal if we got to bring them along just to see them eat.

We take so.much.for.granted.

Our afternoon was filled with baby time! Play time with the little ones and feeding them dinner. Oh my heart. What I wouldn't give to be there everyday feeding those precious babies rice porridge. I wasn't ready to leave when it was time to go. I just wanted to stay and put them to bed....maybe play some music and rock them. There's not a rocking chair in sight. There is always a nanny right by...but a nanny is not a mama. They need mamas.  And daddy's. And sisters and brothers and hugs and tickles and nighttime prayers and boo boo kissers. Oh Lord, break us. It's so easy to see His heart when you hold one of these precious children. It's like a one way ticket straight to the middle.

SO SO thankful for your prayers. PLEASE do not stop.



  1. I remember that place we went to in Israel with all those false Gods. Just aweful! But God He reigns in the hearts of His people. Praying you feel His presence in the darkest of places. But most of all that His love is imbeded deep into each and every heart of anyone you guys touch!!!!

  2. The boy in the red shirt holding a peace sign up... cue tears.

    Sweet, sweet boy.

    Praying for yall!

  3. That last photo of you and the baby with the limb difference... all I could see was my son's face at the same age...
    What a PRECIOUS smile.

  4. That last photo broke my heart and made it ache!!!