Monday, June 17, 2013

How you can be a PART!

Team is set.
Visa's are in hand.
Packing lists have commenced.
Prayers are going up.
Money is coming in.

Two weeks from TODAY we'll be in Shantou, China loving the least of these a world away. Our team of 13 will depart for China June 27th at 8am.

It still doesn't seem real to me.

And although looking from the outside in, it would appear that 13 of us are going....that couldn't be farther from the truth. The truth is...

Our team is much, MUCH, larger.

In fact, it may include YOU.

If you've prayed for us, YOU are on this team.
If you've given to make this possible, YOU are on this team.
If you've participated in a fund raiser, YOU are on this team.

And if you haven't done any of those's your change to GO WITH US.

We need prayer.....lots and lots of prayer. Specific prayers. Interceding prayers. Covering prayers.

The utterly amazing and unfathomable truth about prayer is that what you do here...changes things there.
Think about that and marvel at how the Body of Christ works. Prayer changes things.


I'd love for you to choose one of our going team members and pray for them specifically. Maybe one each day, maybe one for the entire trip, whatever the Lord tells you to do. 
Here they are:


Here are some specific prayers you can pray:
*unity for our team (1 Cor 12:12, 1 Peter 3:8)
*that the Gospel will transcend language barriers, and that "as we go" we'll be sharing it ( Acts 8:40)
*Safe travel and connections (Ezra 8:21)
*Against sickness (Deut 7:14)
*Protection over our families and children at home (Isaiah 33:21)
*For the children and adults we connect with a the orphanage, that they would feel the love of Christ through our actions, words and attitudes (1 John 3:23)

We believe the Lord has gone before us...He is there preparing a work for us to do in His name. And we know that ticks the enemy off. So we covet your prayers, believing that this is a TEAM mission.....

And we'd love for you to join us.

You don't even need a passport :)

 Finally, dear brothers and sisters, we ask you to pray for us. Pray that the Lord’s message will spread rapidly and be honored wherever it goes, just as when it came to you.

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  1. Prayers for sure!! God's blessings upon you all !!! Awesome to have you go, for and with us!!
    May your trip be beyond your wildest dreams !!God loves you and is with you all, on this marvelous journey!! My love and prayers to and for you all, Audrei