Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One Year Later

One year ago today, we loaded up on a bus bound for the civil affairs office in Guangzhou, China. There is nothing in the WORLD like that bus ride.....seven families about to burst with excitement and nerves, all rolled into one. For most of us it was our second adoption, but the nerves were just the same. The room that day was FULL of families, about 50 total met their children we were told. Before it was our turn, we were able to watch as child after child was taken out from a "holding room" and given to their families. It was like being in the delivery room, and witnessing very intimate moments, but with dozens of eyes watching. There were tears all over the room, from mama's and daddy's and children as well! But the looks of those that had waited so so long for this moment....I will never ever forget it. There are times in life you wish you could freeze time. That was for sure one for me.

Soon, it was our turn! Within a few minutes, we were handed an itty bitty baby boy.....and it was sealed. He would never again be called an orphan. Now, he was a son, a brother, a grandson. With full inherited rights. And all of our lives would be changed forever.

The last year we've watched this little man grow and thrive and soar. He loves loves loves balloons and anything that resembles a ball, and he's beginning to eat like a champ! I cannot imagine the void that we would have in our family, had we not said "yes" to the call from the Lord to bring him home.

Asher Stephen, the Lord has such an amazing plan for your life. He has called you from a far away land, and allowed daddy and I to have the amazing privilege of sheparding your heart and life. Not one single day goes by that the idea of that doesn't send me straight to the throne! The Lord is using your story to change lives. Already! I cannot wait to see how far and wide you go for the Kingdom!!!

(day one)


1 Samuel 12:16
"Stand firm and watch what the Lord will do before your very eyes!"
You can read about that day here...

*balloon pics: K&R Photography


  1. Love it!! How blessed we are, my friend!! :)

  2. PRECIOUS!!!!!! Every time I read an anniversary story, it truly takes me right back!!! Thanks for sharing and what a cutie pie he is!!! LOVE the pic!!! Blessings, Dawn