Friday, October 7, 2011

And now it is OCTOBER.

I am certainly not going to win Blogger of the Year at this rate.

Not that I was striving for it.

The grand hours I had in my head once the oldest three went to school that I would have to clean and work and play and BLOG, ummmmm, i'm not sure where they go to. I know that 2:45pm comes faster than any time imaginable, and I still haven't been able to look at the clock without saying "geez. 2:45 already?"

Having Ashley and Asher at home alone has been wonderful! They play very well together and grocery shopping with two? sheesh. piece.of.cake. They both nap great in the van, and at home. And they miss their sisters like crazy and GRIN in the carpool line. And we get to take fun pictures too...

Oh, and we recently were given a trampoline. Given.

Ever heard about our basically FREE trip to Disney and Sea World? I'll have to blog about that. But I can tell you without hesitation, the Lord gives us blessings somedays just because he LOVES us. Just, "here ya go, have FUN" kinda blessings. Trampolines are expensive. Especially NICE ones. Some friends of ours from church moved and this one was in their backyard as a bonus for the new buyers. Jay got a phone call and they wanted us to come get it...and my kids have had a BLAST. Like it's a race to get on first every day after school! And just in time for the pool to be too cold to swim in, we now have a new toy. 

So now we own TWO death traps....a pool and a trampoline. That's how we roll, y'all

So yea, an October blog. We had new family pics taken recently i'm going to post soon. And I need a new header. Any takers? 

Oh, and true story: I feel asleep on the laundry last night. I was cold, it was warm. Done. At 9:30 I might add. 

It was folded, does that give me bonus points? 


  1. Life is crazy, isn't it? But in a good way. And LOL at falling asleep on the laundry. I haven't done that yet, but I'm surprised I haven't.

  2. Happy October, Emily. It's always good to see a blog update from you. Thanks for finding the time. :-) I did not hear about your Disney/Sea World trip. Sounds like a blast!

    Hugs to you,

  3. Lemme know the dimensions and what you want and I'll take a stab at the blog header ;)