Monday, September 12, 2011

First Haircut!

Asher had his first haircut a few weeks ago! His hair had really grown out, and it was time. I will say, I liked it long, and I really think he aged a year in a matter of minutes (tear).  I want him to stop growing!! And not just his hair!! Sweet boy sat still for the first part, but got a lil anxious about half way through. Nothing a BAG of suckers didn't help! And no, he didn't actually EAT the sucker....I mean, that woulda been a red sea miracle in itself...but digging through the bag and throwing them on the floor helped :) 

ALL DONE!! BIG BOY!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I mean....he just cain't get any cuter! :)

  2. Oh so precious, and handsome! Great pictures!