Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Ashley MeiHao!!

Our Sweet China Peach turned FOUR years old today!! I cannot hardly believe that she's 4. FOUR. Where does the time go??? And her bday pictures? Blow me away...just look at these long beautiful legs!! We just had a family party with a few friends and she could hardly wait to tell everyone she was 4...she kept saying, "I'm four now, mama??" 

Ashley Mei, mama cannot believe you are growing so fast! You are such a beautiful, smart girl who loves her sisters and brothers. You tell us often, "I looooove my family" with that sweet giggle! You totally rocked our world just a few years ago when we brought you a GOOD a GOD way...and we have never been the same, nor will we ever go back! You adore all things "China" and talk about it all the time! You sleep every night with your "mei mei" and your blanket, and are the first one awake every.single.morning. Daddy and I love you baby girl! We cannot wait to see how the Lord uses your life!!!


  1. these pictures are beautiful!!! she's growing up to be such a beautiful little girl :) Happy Birthday!

  2. Ashley, you are one adorable little cookie. I enjoyed meeting you. You have the sweetest voice I have ever heard. God has special plans for your life and it is so great to see the love your family has for one another.

    Happy Birthday from Mrs. Anna, Zoe, Hazel, Sophie, & Lily!!

  3. Happy Birthday!

    She looks so grown up and I know this may sound weird, but she looks so much like your 7YO. Do you see it???!! OK, I just had to say it.

    Hope y'all are enjoying your summer!

  4. YES LES!! I see it!! All 4 of my girls have the same nose :)

    But GOD!