Friday, June 17, 2011

Ally turns SEVEN!!

7 years ago today we welcomed baby girl #2 into the world! After trying for over a year to get pregnant with her older sister, Ally was a total surprise, and a shock! We couldn't  have been more thrilled to find out she was a girl...I always wanted a sister and I was so excited to see my baby girls grow up with each other. Today Ally Shay is my girly girl....she never leaves the house without some form of jewelry and lip gloss. In fact, once when she was 2, she told me, "mama, you cannot go to Target without you lipstick on!"

Allyson Shay you bring JOY to our family and you have from day 1! You have the most tender heart of anyone in our family, and you love to love on people. Your manners are perfect and your smile and helpful spirit are contagious. You are going to go far and wide in the Kingdom with the way you love and serve....I can see you on the mission field one day, baby girl!! Happy 7th Birthday Ally girl,

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  1. I enjoyed meeting her. And all of them really. She really does have such a sweet and friendly spirit. :)