Saturday, December 4, 2010

I cannot believe it. As soon as we got off the plane the smell of this place brought back memories instantly. Can't describe the's just China.
The trip here was awesome and horrible all rolled into one. Some of you got the fb message we lost a bag. Actually, I lost a bag. My carry on was on my shoulder as we took the concourse train in the ATL airport. I slipped it off and when the train stopped, the doors opened and Annalyse darted. I ran after her and about 10 steps later, realized my bag was leaving with the train. Jay looked for as long as he could but it still hasn't been found. Inside it was: my cell, my laptop, my harddrive with all my kids pics for the last 2 years, my bible and journal from the Israel trip, and a peice of jewelry that is very precious to me. Aside from that make up, brush, all of Annalyse's toys for the plane, the antibiotic I had JUST started taking....uggg...I could go on and on. Please pray as the TSA continues to look for it. I KNOW it's just STUFF. But a few of those things are very special to me and I am just sick they may be gone.
Praise the LORD my camera was NOT in that bag!!! And, ALLLLL of our adoption stuff and our passports were in Jay's....another praise!!!! We would've had to come home if that had been the case, so it COULD HAVE BEEN VERY WORSE!!
Other than that....PERFECT travel!!! Korean Air was AMAZING! We had extra seats on every flight and could all lay down! Annalyse slept 9 hours straight!!!  31 hours of travel is just never easy, but it was as easy as it could've possibly been.
When we got here, we were greeted by Amy, who we know from 2009! She's our guide and she called the orphanage to check on Asher for us!!!!!
Here was their description of him:
"His main food is formula and rice cereal. He is active and likes to smile. He can walk (!) and likes to play with other people. He likes balls best. If other kids take the ball away from him he cries. He is afraid of strangers and new places. When he plays in his crib, he likes to climb to the other cribs next to him"
I can't stop smiling!!!!!!
Tomorrow is a free day and I'm going to attempt to replace my make up and stuff that was lost. We get him Monday afternoon!!!
Just 2 more sleeps in that big orphanage and I brought FIVE balls for him to play with :)
1 Samuel 12:16
"Stand firm and watch what the Lord will do before your very eyes!"


  1. I laughed, reminisced and cried after reading your post. YOU ARE IN CHINA! and I am so excited for you guys. So sorry about your bag Emily. We will pray for its safe return. I lost my camera on our 1st return trip with all the photos from China. Amy - PTL - you know you are in great hands. I am imagining you on Monday in the same place we were two years ago meeting your son face to face. It gives me such a sweet, peaceful feeling. Our God is so AWESOME!

  2. Wow you are in China, God is awesome!!! I hate to hear about your bag,like you said atleast you were able to continue the trip to get Asher. I can't wait to see pics. Praying for all of you Love you guys, Ginger and Steve

  3. Oh Emily, I am so sorry to hear about your bag. I will be praying that it will be found and that everything will be inside. I also rejoice that all the paper work was in your husband's bag! You will get your baby soon!!!

  4. Yeah for a good flight without Annalyse's toys--that is God for sure. He is caring you through, girl. Prayers that your bag is found..I know you are heart broken. But His Grace is good for even this. What plans he has for you! Love ya, friend!

  5. Praising God with you for a safe trip! Hope you all get some sleep, and that tomorrow will be a relaxing day for you. Looking forward to what the week will bring! Hugs...

  6. Thank you for sharing, Emily. It's so AMAZING to think of what the next few days will bring to your family. How VERY COOL that Asher likes to play with balls. I pray that you will be OVERFLOWING with joy & love these next few days, and that your mind won't be nagged by that missing bag (It can still turn up!!). I will pray for you all with the bonding, and that Asher might bond well with his new big sister (and then ALL of his sisters).

  7. Glad to hear you arrived safely, and I'm so sorry to hear about your bag. It sounds like Asher is all boy. A boy is a change after girls, but it is so much fun! Still praying for you!

  8. Oh no. I am so sad for you. All of those precious things. I know it is just stuff, but it is meaningful. Praying they find it and you can get it all back. And that God gives you peace about it in the mean time! Bless your heart. So glad you made! Hope Asher quickly feels a connection with you and will love all 5 of those balls!!!

  9. Oh- that was Kate tokar. :) easier to do anon from my phone!

  10. Getting close now! Can't wait to meet him. I know Jay will be most happy to play ball with him. Praying he will transition smoothly. Love, Pam

  11. We are praying that your bag gets found! It was so nice to meet you guys, and we hope that we can get together again while you're in Guangzhou. Have a wonderful time!

    The Bunches (Shawn, Carolyn, & Finley)

  12. Carolyn!
    We are in 1072 at the hotel....we DO want to do dinner this week so please call us here!! Heck we can do it a few times...we're here 12 more days!! Call us!

  13. I'm getting really excited reading all your posts. You'll have him very soon!