Saturday, December 4, 2010

Few travel pics

Just have a few and none of Jay or I...after the cryfest over loosing that bag, ya don't want to see them of me anyway:)

This little guy was in front of us for the long flight! He was flying with his mama only so everytime she had to get up to do something, he would come and climb in my lap! He was so precious!!


  1. I want to have a cryfest for you! I am praying that bag made it into good hands and will soon be back in yours. I am so glad you have half of your travel over! Yea! Glad you updated!

  2. well did they find the bag??? oh my Emily, that is awful but you're so right, could have been much worse the TA or Annalyse still on that train! Praise God for His protection!!! PrAYING for you and T!!!