Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trip progress and Heart progress...

Today we got our flights booked!! Yipeeeeeee!!!! We are going to travel all over creation to get there, but we WILL get there eventually:) (going to stop in South Korea?!)

Also got our Visa stuff off and squared away, and all of our travel docs sent to AWAA. Progress!!

As far as WHO is coming along with us on this trip? My sweet, rambunctious (newly turned) 4 year old will be making the journey as well! The other three will be headed to Nammy's house for 2 weeks and they are SOOOO (not) disappointed. Apparently, 2 weeks with Nammy trumps anyone's desire to go to China for their brother, who knew?

Reality is, when it came down to it, we had to make decisions based on what we could spend, and taking the clan was out of reach. As hard as that was, it was the best decision in the end. As I said before, this is a total faith journey for us, and part of that is learning that MY plan is not HIS plan. Tuesday was a really hard day here as we were making those decisions. The agency wanted to know NOW and we didn't have a clue what to do. Fast decisions are usually not a problem for me, but this time, well, suffice to say, I didn't get my way, and I was not happy about it. I'm not usually a person that's motivated by emotion, in fact, Jay often says I have no emotion, but I think after Tuesday, he'll never say that again :)

The Lord is teaching me things in this season that are blowing me changing, thought shattering, and challenging me to my spiritual, emotional and physical limits. It's think adoption is all about a child getting a family, or a family getting a child....that would be FALSE. It's about those things and so so so much more. The Lord has taught me things in this process (both times) that I would never had learned otherwise. He's given me relationships and friends on this road that challenge me and cause me to think about a BIG God who can do BIG things and keeps BIG promises! I can't wait to share more as the Lord allows :)

Next step....P.A.C.K

Asher? done! Me? Jay? Annalyse? notsomuch.


  1. YAHOOOOOOO!!!! We are soooo excited and can't wait to see you with Asher in your arms.... SO wish we could have been a speedy as you, but alas we are about 6 months behind!!
    Have a beautiful trip and may the Lord prepare your hearts and especially little Asher's as he prepares to meet his Mama and Daddy!!!!
    Have a super trip!!!!
    Love and prayers, the Dagenbachs

  2. Emily,
    Happy/sad with you. When we started this unexpected journey, I also hoped we could take all our kids. Financially, we just couldn't afford it. We're praying for y'all (and still hoping for a miracle so we could join you on this trip).

  3. Lara, my heart hurts for you. I was thinking today about her birthday....praying for a miracle for you THIS WEEK friend. I love you!