Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Official Itinerary!!!

Saturday Dec 4: Arrive in GZ
Sunday Dec 5: Free Day
Monday Dec 6: MEET ASHER!!  Eeeeeeeee!!!!!
Tuesday Dec 7: Civil Affairs Appt
Wednesday Dec 8: Sightseeing/Shopping
Thrusday Dec 9: Sightseeing/Shopping
Friday Dec 10: Sightseeing/Shopping
Saturday Dec 11: Medical Exam
Sunday Dec 12: Consulate Paperwork
Monday Dec 13: Consulate Appt/Swearing in at US Embassy
Tuesday Dec 14: Pack up/Free day
Wednesday Dec 15: Pick up Asher's Visa/last minute shopping
Thursday Dec 16: LEAVE CHINA!
Saturday Dec 18: HOME TO ALBANY!!!

We've had our travel conference, gotten our travel package squared away, and now we're just waiting on our Visa's to come back from AWAA with our official Travel Approvals. Should be delivered Friday!

Things are coming together!!!!! My stomach continues to be in knots, not out of nervousness per say, just out of anticipation, I think! This is definitely a season of stretching for me and sometimes it's painful...but the end results are worth it (right?? it's worth it, RIGHT??!!!)

"No, I will not leave you as orphans—I will come to you."
John 18:14


  1. Right! :) Hey Djuna left a message on my phone today said she traveled with you last time and to say hi.

  2. Definitely worth it. Still in the stretching here and it is VERY HARD but very worth it!!!

    Can't wait to stalk your blog and T's blog!


  3. Absolutely worth it!! Praying that God takes your anxiety and replaces it with AWE by the time you get home. Love you guys!!!

  4. Hi Emily,

    I am so excited for you! Praying for you and Jay and little Asher. If you are travelling with Tonya please give her my love and kiss Matti for me she was in the orphanage with Amelia. Safe travels and God Bless you.

    Sorry I have not been in touch as you can imagine my life is a big crazy but no excuse. I hope that we can some day meet again.

    Love to you all.