Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Be Still My Heart......

And YES, I think he is THE cutest baby boy I have ever seen!!! We received NINE new pics, I'll put up the rest soon!!


  1. Also, that thing on his forehead appears to just be a "bump" as it's not in any of the other pics we've received. Poor baby hit his head on something!! :(

  2. Looks like he took lessons from Matti on how to bang a head. These kids seem to not have any neck muscles so the big heads go down first and they get knots right in the middle. But I tell you what you made one knot headed little boy happy that day. Look at that big ole cake. He is trying so hard not to smile but its there. He is a little guy lucky you.

  3. Good gracious what a precious boy! And ouch ... poor baby. So many of our new pictures of Hudson show bumps and cuts (actually all of them, sigh) it's time to get these boys home! :) So glad you got an update - those are precious blessings as we wait.