Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Would love some feed back...........

Background: He came home a few weeks before his 2nd bday, and could not take but 2-3 steps on solid ground. He could run on the bed mattress, and obviously was left in his crib 24 hrs a day, hence the reason he could walk so steadily on a soft surface (other facts point to the 24/hr crib thing, but that's another post). 

I've been noticing how bowed his ankles and feet are.....(and he walks with a "different" gait as well..again, could just be from the way he learned to walk??? or something else?.)

Headed to the Dr soon....appt is made....but any thoughts? We pay a lot of attention to feet here, Ashley has a teathered spinal cord due to spina bifida, so I watch hers for bowing consistently.....and his are much worse than hers! When he walks, it actually gets worse, not better. 


  1. It definitely looks like he has "flat feet" to me. I am NOT an expert at all. I have a couple friends that have flat feet and they always need to have good quality arch supports in their shoes.

  2. I wore braces on my legs from age 6 months to 3 years because of my ankles turning in and bowed legs. I still have bow legs but I've also run marathons. Emma has the ankle thing too. Sometimes it looks like her ankle could almost kiss the ground and break in two. Dr says to just make sure we have her in a lot of sports and to make sure she's active to make them strong. It never seems to bother her and she is able to play anything she tries. Hope the dr gives you some helpful answers.

  3. Our daughter was crib confined and not walking until 27 months, about 8 months after bringing her home. Our PT suggested we had her fit for orthotics and said her ankle pronation was due to lack of proper muscle use. She wore those for a season and still has a tad bit of pronation, but her gait is normal. Sounds like you're doing the best thing and seeking medical expertise!

    1. That makes sense, Cyndi...his muscles were like jelly when we brought him home.....

  4. Matti had flat and week lower legs and feet. Pt said lack of muscle tone. She also started walking after 2 and most likely left in her crib a lot as you can feel the wave of the crib bars on her forehead guess she was trying to see. When we picked her up our travel group thought she had cp cause of the gate she used when walking. She had know arches also lack of muscle. As she got stronger her arches have become arches. I had the same thoughts of ankle flat feet or other problem but in our case she just needed muscle and it took a while I want to say over a year

  5. Our Sunshine's feet did the exact same thing when we brought her home last June when she was 13 months old. Very low muscle tone. After 8 months of PT, she finally started walking and now does her little toddler run all over the house! Her ankles do still lean in a bit, but I'm glad we chose not to do the orthotics (suggested by PT). It would have been just one more thing on top of the CL/CP surgeries, ear infections, therapies, etc. that I just didn't want to subject her to. She is still gaining strength and has grown physically in unbelievable ways!

  6. Hi Emily;

    No advice for the feet issue, but just wanted to say your family is adorable! I LOVE the header.