Sunday, November 6, 2011

Eating UPDATE!

 Just in case you need some catch-up, Asher came to us without a clue what solid food was. At 2, he was strickly bottle fed, and hadn't a clue how to chew or handle even stage 1 baby food. However, in the last few months, he has made H-U-G-E strides in his eating!!
 He will now just about eat anything but tough meats....he LOVES the spoon (it's actually a fav toy, go figure), and he prefers a real cup vs. a sippy cup. I can tell he's gaining weight and filling out as a result! He's still wearing 24 month clothes, but he's gaining. His hair is thickening up and his teeth are in much better shape.
Thank you to all our faithful friends who have prayed for this boy and his eating issues!! Let it be an encouragement to those of you that have kids with developmental delays...they CATCH UP!!! It takes time, and energy and lots of love and prayer, but they do get there! Just hang in there!