Wednesday, October 12, 2011


As a by-product of my job, I get the opportunity to talk to lots and lots of people about adoption. I get all kinds of questions and lots of chances to tell our story to families, almost on a daily basis. Most families that are calling our agency today are moms and dads who have heard God's call to care for orphans, and are already parenting biological children. So as you can imagine, one of the most frequent things people ask, is:

"How is adoption going to effect my children I'm already parenting?"

Buckle your seat belt.

Adoption teaches your children that the world does not revolve around them.
(Romans 15:1-3)
*Because the world does not revolve around them, by the way*
 It teaches them to think outside of themselves, when your family is working and saving to        bring a child home, and they can't have that toy, or that Disney vacation. And they may have to share a bedroom, and their toys, and even clothing. Maybe the van is really crowded (amen) or they don't have Christmas presents stacked 6 feet deep like their friends. But that's OK. We adopted both of our children within weeks of Christmas. They never asked why it was lean. They knew it wasn't about gifts anyway, and we had babies to go get. And although they didn't always have perfect attitudes about it, and they didn't really understand, one day they will. 

Adoption teaches your children to love and respect cultures that are not their own.
(1 Thess. 1:9, 1 Peter 1:22)
It teaches them that there is a world outside of the city and state they live in, with different people and different languages, and different cultures. If you adopt a child of a different culture or race, congratulations, you are now a multi-cultural, multi-racial family. You now get to celebrate double the holidays (kids really love this:) and your kids learn by default to respect and celebrate different skin tones. My girls especially love to point out every Chinese person they see....most recently in the van, Annalyse went crazy screaming at Ashley, "LOOK!!! LOOK!! THERE'S A CHINESE BOY DRIVING THAT CAR!!! HE'S CHINESE! FROM CHINA!!!" I'm sure Ashley will not think this is particularly cool when they are 17.

Adoption teaches your children to be compassionate, forgiving, accepting and giving. (Luke 6:36, Ephesians 4:32)
Aren't these the things we want our kids to know and live out anyway? This isn't something they learn because you tell them to act this way. It's a pattern they imitate by having parents who are living out the commands of Christ to be the salt and light to a hurting world. When you adopt, and care for orphans, they get it by default. You don't just tell them to be compassionate, they learn this when they see you holding a screaming child who is grieving   for things they have no words for. They hear it when you explain to strangers your motivation behind building your family the way you are. They understand about giving because maybe your family has been the recipients of some pretty amazing financial gifts, and they watch you give your gifts to others coming behind you.
One day in car pool, my 7 year old said, "mama if I had a million dollars, I'd go straight to China to get some more brothers and sisters to bring home. Then I'd go to the mall." Hey people, she has her priorities straight :)

Adoption is the perfect picture of salvation. God meant it that way. 
(John 14:18)
Here's the deal. Jay and I have two living breathing examples of the very GOSPEL that live and reside in our home. See that kid? He was far far away. He had a different name, and his life was hopeless. There was no way he could change his life on his own. Through the miracle of adoption, he was brought home. Regardless of his baggage, regardless of his ability, and regardless of his life before, he was adopted. His name changed. His future changed. It was sealed with a decree that can never be broken or changed. He can never go back to being an orphan. No matter what he does. You can read more about adoption and the Gospel here, but folks we've got an open opportunity to share the very GOSPEL with everyone who says to us, "what made you want to adopt?" AND YOUR KIDS WILL SEE THAT! 

Can they learn all this without adoption? 


But for those of is whom the Lord has called to walk this road.....He has given our families an amazing opportunity to show the world about Him. To not only preach the Gospel, but live it out with our very lives. Which is what we are called to do anyway.....we just get the incredible privilege of being mama's and daddy's to some pretty amazing kids while we do it.

And special needs? Apparently, kids overlook those as well. 

Last week in the tub, Annalyse was  helping bathe Asher when she exclaimed, "MAMA!! Asher only has THREE toes on this foot, SEE????!!!!!!!!" #we'vebeenhome10months

ummmm, yes. Yes, he does.....<3

Matthew 5:14
“You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden."


  1. EXCELLENT!!! Amen!! :) Can I share this?

  2. Sure Bridget!
    ps...I see from your pic your daughter is from Hunan! Our daughter is from there...never forget those wooden benches in that lobby!!!

  3. Great post! I think I'll share it, too.

  4. Annalyse, haha, you are something else kiddo! Love it!!

  5. Well spoken, Emily! Just what I have been thinking of lately. I am so glad God chose me. Chose me to be His child, a child of the King, when I deserve to live lower than a pauper. He chose me, as well, to adopt a child of my own. Am I blown away? You bet! Who am I that that He should take me this far?

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  7. That is so good!!!! I am going to share it too. And I feel a little bolder in my witness now....:)))