Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wildly Famous

Finally sitting down to write out a little about what's been going on in this mama's heart...not sure actually where this post will end up....and it has no title....maybe by the end of it, I'll have something :)

Ever notice how we label people before we know them? I mean, not in a bad sense always. We all wear labels, I understand that...singer, photographer, homeschool mama, teacher, etc...

And for those of us with adopted children, "the one who has the little girl/children from China."

And it's not that I dislike that label, because it certainly is true, but there's really so much more I'd rather be known for. I'd be willing to bet, most adoptive moms would agree. To me and to us, they are simply our kids. Chinese or not. Just our kids. (And many of us do have non-chinese children too, remember??)

But that's not really where I'm going. It's 12:27am. I may need some grace in getting through this with clear sentences :)

So what do I want to be known for? What do I want my children to be know for? 

Isaiah 26:8

 Yes, LORD, walking in the way of your laws,

   we wait for you; 

your name and renown 

   are the desire of our hearts.

"Your name and your renown are the desire of our hearts...."

Can I tell you I just have to take a breath when I read that verse. A "selah" moment...isn't that just GOOD?!?

"Renown" is defined as "to make famous, wildly known"

That is what I want my life to be about.....making the Lord famous...making His name wildly known. 

At the end of the day, the fact that I have an adopted child, 
or like to take pictures,
or am a minister's wife, 
or any other label I'm given...
matters not. 
In the very least bit. 

Unless I am making His name famous with what He's given me

With the talents or platforms I've been given, am I making HIS name famous? Or mine? 

Lord forgive me for the times I've wanted it to be mine. The times I've wanted the credit or the spotlight, they are many. Pride is a daily struggle. Remind me again and again that this life is not about me.

I heard once that if you're talking to someone new, you can tell what they are most "about" in the first 15 minutes. If all they talk about is sports, that's probably what's most important. If they can't stop talking about their job, they probably identify themselves with that profession or career. 

And if you love Jesus, it will be clear in the first 15 minutes. When my girls are old enough, I'll tell them, "if a guy doesn't bring up the Lord in the first conversation, or the first 15 minutes, he's not serious about Him." (and run away fast :)

I've been challenged this week as to how I am using what the Lord has given me to make His name famous. For me, He's given me this adoption platform. He's slowly opening doors in other ministry areas that honestly have nothing to do with adoption. 

And although I battle the flesh my heart's desire and longing is to make His name famous. With what He's given me. That when people hear my name, they immediately think of the Lord. That "emily" well, she just gets smaller so He can get bigger. I've got a ways to go with that. We all do, I suppose. 

And the words prior to those?

"walking in the way of your laws,

   we wait for you"

This is how we do that. It's the daily living it out formula, to making His name known. Walking in the Word (laws) and waiting.


Walking.....not being still, an active, alive faith.
Word...everyday...keeps us humble, keeps our ears open.
Waiting....hard. not gonna lie. Get ahead of the Lord? all about me. Lag behind
               when He wants me to do something? all about me. Going/doing
               when He says...all about Him. He knows exactly the time that 
               things need to occur for Him to get the most glory.

Lord, may we use what you have given us, and may our heart's desire be, bowing in humility and raising up with make Your name famous...and wildly known....

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