Thursday, January 20, 2011

Long Overdue Update

Yes, we're alive and yes, we're doing great!! Thanks for those who have checked in on us...we're still here!! Asher has blended in just perfectly to our home and family. It's amazing really. I *know* that this easy blending is not the norm in the adoption world...we had a totally different experience with our first, and that was considered normal.
But this, it's just amazing. Some of it's his personality...laid back, calm, easy going....and all the glory goes to the Lord for choosing this child for us as a perfect match! Life has gotten back to normal very quickly this time around!

So what's the little man up to these days??
*walking EVERYWHERE!!
*still baby food and formula only
*hernia surgery scheduled for Jan. 31st
*meet with hand specialist on Jan 27th
*gained 4 pounds since we first met him!
*sleeping thru the night 12-13 hours, PTL!
*says about 3-4 words...go, bye bye, duck, and has 3-4 "signs"
*loves his bath!!! Finally!


  1. WOW! Thank you Lord for the steady growth...what an AWESOME God we serve..I didn't know he could say words already!!!!!!

  2. What a great update! Glad he is settling in so well. :-)

  3. Praise God all is going well! He's a doll. Congrats!

  4. He is such a little cutie pie. Does my heart good to see how he is radiating such true happiness!!