Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Well it's official!!

Today we traveled back to the Adoption Affairs office to sign final paperwork! We were asked, "Are you pleased with this child?" "Why did you want to adopt from China?" and, "Do you promise to not abandon this child or abuse them?" Obvious answers and a family photo and Luo Xu Rong is, in the eyes of the Chinese government, Asher Stephen Flynt!! Yea!!!!!

We spent about 2 hours there and then headed out the the grocery store to get some things. I guessed correct, he wears a size 2 diaper! And they are plenty big! Asher did well, stayed in the carrier most of the time, and just looks around in amazement most of the time. Issac's mom and I can't decide if the boys are just laid back, or just "shut down" at the huge transition they have just been through. Both boys are so quiet it's a little worrisome. For some children in orphanages, they have learned that when they cry, they get no response. So they cease to cry. It strange to have a 23 month old that is silent all the time, but I was prepared for that and I know in the coming days, he'll begin to show us more of his personality. Please be in prayer :)

He also still will not eat a bite of anything. He is taking bottles, PTL and I'm not going to force anything here for now. He is calm when he's eating, and usually doesn't even finish it, a good sign he's not been left hungry!! another praise! He just pushes it away when he's done.

Tomorrow is the medical exam! We head over in the afternoon and we're going to try to do some shopping to get him some shoes beforehand. It's right smack dab in the middle of nap time for both kids, so should be interesting :)

One BIG prayer request:
We have been granted permission to go with the Lutz family (Issac) to Asher's orphanage on Thursday. Ashley was in foster care so this will be our first experience going to one. It's a large facility with over 400 children so it's sure to be a very emotional trip. We go in the morning on Thursday. Please pray. I'm not worried too much about Asher, he was fine when the  nanny's said goodbye to him the other day, but you never know. We both think it's important to go, as hard as it may be. We need to see where he came from so we can tell him about it one day. Every piece of an adopted child's history that you can get, even the painful ones, are priceless. I would appreciate the prayer cover that morning. Thanks, friends!

We love you all!! Girls, mama and daddy miss you sooooooo much!! I know you are having so much fun! Be sure and be good school students for Nammy and get all your stuff done!! Nammy said you bought Asher a push lawn mower! He will LOVE that!!


  1. Hey Emily! He is soooooo adorable! So excited for y'all. I'm glad y'all are planning to go to the orphanage. It may be hard, but I think you are right--you'll be glad you went, for Asher's sake. When I was in China w/AWAA, we worked at one particular orphanage for a week. During that week, we had the privilege one day of (literally) putting 4 babies in a car w/some of the nannies to go meet their adoptive parents. The (Swedish) parents came back w/the babies a couple of days later while we were still there. The nannies were so happy to see them w/their mommies and daddies. The babies didn't even seem fazed by it. I was just a "bystander," but it was still an amazing experience to actually see those little ones leave as orphans, and come back 2 days later w/a family. Anyway, just wanted to share that story.It will be hard--you will want to take them all with you!!!And pass them out to all your friends/family. I'm not kidding when I say that I daydreamed that I could do exactly that, and cried b/c I couldn't. God moved me to pray with all my heart for Christian families to adopt those babies--your family is one of those answered prayers! I will pray for your visit, that it goes well. Love ya! ~Allison VS

  2. I am so excited you guys get to go to the orphanage!! Was a very positive experience for us. One of our highlights that we will treasure. I have amazing video of the nannies scooping Mei out of my arms and just smothering her with kisses. So sweet and reassuring that she was loved while there. I will be praying for you on Thursday!

  3. I have no doubt that God's grace will be all over you at the Orphanage. He will use it as a blessing and delight for you, as well as Asher down the road. What a blessed opportunity! Drink it in, and cherish the time there.