Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last morning on the Island....

We spent our last morning over on the island! It's so nice and peaceful over there...adoptive families everwhere you turn and lots of great shopping and places to play! The weather here is nice...68 today and overcast..SO not looking forward to returning to temps in the 20's at home!!

Asher continues to open up little by little. Today he's talked and talked and laughted so hard!! He's beginning to trust us and it's so amazing to watch. He's already come so far in just a week. Many times I just look at him and can't stop smiling...and I still think he's the cutest baby in all of China...and I've seen LOTS!


  1. I agree - I think he is the cutest boy in all of China!

    I can say that since my boy is home in MN.

  2. Cyndi jay and I both have said over and over...he looks like JUDE!! he has jude's sweet disposition as well :)))))

  3. Okay, that second photo just hurts! What a heartful! You are gonna let me hold him, right?

  4. So sorry we missed you guys over here today. We heard that you met our friends from Maryland.

    I hope you guys have a GREAT and SAFE trip home. Will be praying for you.

    And you are right about him being a cutie....but let me add cutest baby BOY in China. I got the cutest little GIRL! ;)

  5. I'll have to agree with the cuteness. He is very cute!!!

    I however have the two cutest Chinese boys in the US! ;)

    YEAH for eating the yogurt. Our guys still want that stuff, but I've yet to find it here even at the international market.