Monday, September 27, 2010


Hey Friends!

We received some news today about our little man that we've been waiting for from our agency. Some of you, I'm sure have noticed the "bump" on his head in our updated pictures we received. This was not shown in his referral and not mentioned or noticed until August when we go these. After stewing over it for 3 weeks I emailed our pediatritian and asked his opinion. All three things he responded with had the two words, "tumor" and "superficial" and also, that it was "minor and easily removed." I then forwarded this info on to the agency, who did a formal request from the orphanage and they indeed said today it was not a bump from a fall, but one that is "always there" on his head. They say they have preformed CT scans and all is 100% normal. We are of course, requesting these but it will be a few weeks before we receive them.

If you could, please add Asher's name to your prayer list. In International Adoption there are a lot of unknowns but one thing is NOT unknown. HE IS OUR SON. Even if it's NOT minor, even if it's NOT an "easy fix" HE IS COMING HOME.

  We believe with all we have that the Lord had ordained all these steps and nothing at all has caught Him off guard.
But as a mama, who is currently thousands of miles from her child, you can imagine that waiting to travel is going to get a LOT  harder over the next 2 months. (We are still looking at early December)

Please just pray that the Lord would watch and protect Asher, that the spot would not continue to grow and that he is not in any pain from it (doesn't appear to be but we only have a tiny snapshot of his life at this point.)
Also, that we'd get those CT scans ASAP so our team here can review it.

Finally, yet another lesson for those in this process...most times, things are not cut and dry. We never truly know what these babies are facing till we get them in our arms. But the Lord is not caught of guard. He knows. We love this baby boy and we've walked this road of fear before...when we were told Ashley would probably never walk unassisted because of her Spina Bifida...and we all know how that turned out. :)

Psalm 55:22 "Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you. He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.."


  1. Praying for your Baby Boy. Oh and thanks for putting it out there how this is you Son know matter what. Good Stuff "E"

  2. My comment just went poof I think!

    OK, definitely praying. I don't know anything to add, but it looks like a cyst or something. They can get big I know that little.

    I saw your post on RQ and hopped over here. Hugs and prayers coming your way.

  3. Prayers for your confidence in God's goodness and Asher's health are being lifted up. Hugs to you as a concerned Mama!

  4. I am no expert but it does look like a cyst. I had a few removed from my scalp this past year. I will pray!!
    Hopped on over from RQ