Thursday, September 2, 2010

The day AFTER the call


augustRA 084

Well after hours and hours of paperwork, we have everything signed, sealed and mailed off for our next step…more immigration stuff. I’ll spare you all the details but suffice to say I’m GLAD that part is over…I had a “paperwork headache” all day yesterday! I am still finding it hard to believe that we got our LOA so fast. The call went something like this:

M: Hey Emily, this is “M” and I have your RA today!

Me: Are you serious????

M: Yes! Now, what I am going to do is…


(She laughed at me)

I have to be honest and say that I did not count days this time. In fact, once she called I had to go to the calendar and count the days because I was keeping up with the weeks, but not stressing over the days. It was a decision I made when we began this part of the process and it has helped me so much to just “live” while waiting. With Ashley, I watched 3 groups of friends go to China with the same “dates” as us…we traveled 3 months after people who had our timeline. We waited 126 days and it was the longest of my life!

God is certainly doing “abundantly more than we could ever imagine!”

We are looking at late Nov/early Dec travel. It’s looking like the first two weeks in Dec is the strongest possibility because of things going on in China at that time, Nov travel is almost impossible. I know that the Lord has ordained the very minute we will go, and I am content in that. We’ll get there, and He will get us there.

A few prayer requests for all my prayer warriors out there…

*of course that Asher would be strong and healthy till we get him

*finances…applying for 3 grants this week, pray we find favor

*It is our desire for my mom and ALL our children to travel with us, if the Lord would provide. No you did not read that wrong. Jay and I will be on another “out of the country” trip the first week of Nov and we really don’t want to be on different continents twice in one month from our kids. The first trip is adults only, no kids allowed. And since we are only traveling to GZ this time, we feel we could manage with my mom’s help, and bring them. Please pray for clear direction and discernment..we really need a word from the Lord on this one.

Thanks friends. We love you!

Asher, baby….we are one HUGE step closer to bringing you home. Oh what a Christmas this will be! And, we’ll have one awesome birthday party for you in January! The Lord loves and adores you and He has chosen you, Asher, for our family, and us for you! We cannot wait to hold you and kiss those sweet lips!! Love, mama


  1. That would be so cool if your whole family goes. I sure hope God works that out for yall. I am also hopeing for early December.

  2. T I saw your post on RQ about taking your daughters and needing another room...if something doesn't work out for my mom to go..maybe our older daughters can share a room and we can split it!!! LOL!!

  3. Congratulations!!! So excited for y'all! Keeping your family in our prayers

  4. Hey "E" I say you get your mother there an I will sneak in my little blonde in and she will never no the difference lol. I so hope your girls can go. What a blessing to get to know all yall (if we travel together.) But I'm with you I am not looking forward to seeing those hotel bills. We are going to hongkong after for a few days before we leave so there is more rooms. Hey r yall going to try to do hongkong at the end? My girls would be board in beijing and I want Xifu to see some stuff.