Friday, August 13, 2010

We officially have a LID!

We got the email this morning that we were "officially" entered into the CCAA computers on July 29th, 2010!

Considering our dossier was signed for on July 28th, I'd day that's AWESOME!

Asher hang in there buddy! We're coming I promise!! We are about to send you a fun package so you'll have a treat coming to you very soon from your family!

The agency is saying the average wait for LOA is currently 7 weeks so let's hope that holds! I'm not counting days this time but I know it's been there for close to 3 weeks so we're making progress. In comparison, last time we sent our LOI on July 11 and waited until Nov 17 for our the process for LOA has shortened considerably. The wait for TA is longer, but we'll get there!! Praying he is in our arms, either here or in China, for his 2nd birthday...Jan 2nd. PLEASE LORD!!


  1. Whoo hoo!!! Congratulations on being LID!!! I think you broke a record! We were LID five days after our dossier reached China and I thought that was fast! And you're agency is right...those LOAs are coming in quickly now! Hope you get yours soon!

  2. YeEEE Haaaa Girl. I have been stalking your blog just a waiting to see this post! And the same date as you PA for your baby girl on top of that! And it was my anniversary also so all in all a great day to have a LID on

  3. Wow! That was so fast! Even though our DTC dates are one week apart, out LID dates are just three days apart. Yipee! Maybe we'll get to freeze on the Great Wall together again.