Thursday, July 15, 2010

Checking In

Just a quick update to say that we are NOT going to be DTC this week. Thanks to my sweet friends who have been emailing and asking, checking on us. The long story short of it is that UPS lost our package that had our 797 (just the copy PTL!) when we sent it off for certification. It was eventually (6 days later) found and delivered. However, that put us behind.

I'm just being honest, this is the part of the adoption process that I HATE. I feel like the days just drag on and he gets older and older and it can be very consuming emotionally for me. Last time, during our long wait for Ashley, the Enemy really had a blast with me because he knows this is where to get of my children. It became very consuming last time to the point where I had a hard time focusing on anything else...I was constantly checking the RQ site, blogs, anything that gave any indication of a timeline. This time, I've had to decide that I will not be doing that. I'll check out the RQ site every once in awhile, but not obsess over timelines. I'll check in on others' blogs, but not every day. It's just to hard for me and I'd just rather get the call, and live my life in the meantime. I have 4 other children to take care of and they need me here. With them, emotionally, not just physically.

The Lord knows. He will bring him home. I believe that 100%. Beyond that, I'm going to stand still and let the Lord fight the battle for me.

Thanks for the prayers and for being on this crazy road with us. It's so much more fun with friends!


  1. Phooey on UPS. I've never used them as I've heard one too many stories of lost papers. FEDEX is expensive but I've always found them dependable.

    At least your perspective is right. Oh my. I hope you can do what you've said. I obsessed more this time than the last, though the last few months I had to lay it down. As you say, other children who need Mommy now.

    As for timing, I know it sounds so cliche but our timing was PERFECT and no doubt God worked it out. How else would we have ended up in China with the H's at the same time?! Pam and I had prayed for so long (a year) that this would happen, and God worked it out. Such a small thing, but so big to us!

    I really do pray specifically though that you'll have him home BEFORE Christmas as I remember you waiting until after for Ashley, and I just pray God allows you to have Asher home for the holidays! He can totally work this out!

  2. Thanks L! ASher's bday is Jan 2nd so I'm praying he's with us on that China or here. M at the agency is telling us Nov/Dec...but with Ash they told us October and it was Jan!! So i'm not putting stock in that again!

  3. Your being slown down for a reason I mean what are the odds of that important paper getting lost. Gods moving so I'm so glad your are trying real hard not to obsess and not focus on the things only God can be in control of. I'm still hoping for december also.With those stupid game things in guangzhou I just cant see november and early december and it would probally cost twice as much anyway. Man those Chinese always have somthin going on.

  4. Emily,

    Happy/sad with you. I know that God has His perfect plan...learning to trust that is so hard when traveling this road. I applaud your efforts to keep focused on ALL your family and your mommy duties at home. Thanking God for the blessing of paperchasing with you.


    Oh! And L, Wow! It's so wonderful to hear you so positive on the other side of the waiting! Now knowing and seeing God's hand in it all. Now you get to encourage the rest of us in our waiting.