Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fingerprinted and approval on the way!

We were finally fingerprinted on Wednesday! We headed to Jacksonville, FL and decided that since the Atlantic Ocean was 11 miles from USCIS, we would surprise the girls with a beach day! At one point when we were waiting our turn to be printed, Ashley asked, “Is this China?” “Is Asher coming in that door?” Oh baby, I wish we were in China! We all got a good laugh out of it. The girls had a blast at the beach and Asher, you were never far from our thoughts!

We cannot wait to add a baby brother to our mix…your mama misses you so much and we’ve never even met. get ready buddy, because we are never going to stop kissing and loving on you once we have you in our arms!


Friday I called USCIS and our officer said our approval went out on Thursday! Just 24 hours after fingerprinting! Last time with Ashley, we waited close to 6 WEEKS. So now we get it, send it off to Atl. then Houston and HOPEFULLY……

We will be DTC on July 14th!!!! We’re ready…we just need that paper!!


  1. Wahoo!!! Congrats! You will be DTC very soon!!!! We were LID in just three days praying your paperwork is moved through quickly as well. I am thinking our travel group is coming together nicely!  Praise God for your progress.

  2. Yeah!!!! And We should dtc this coming Friday so our group is coming together. :)

  3. We're going to be DTC around the same time...depending on how long it takes my agency to do their review of our dossier! Our paperwork is on its way back from Houston now and should be in my hands tomorrow morning!