Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rule #1

I broke the #1 Rule in adoption paper chasing……

Never, ever say, “hopefully in a few days we’ll have XXX piece of paper”

Because, never, ever expect anything to come WHEN IT’S SUPPOSED TO!!!

Our Home Study has been complete for over a week now, but I learned that our agency has to approve it. And that the girl at the agency that approves it, has been out a week on vacation, and has “a week’s worth of HS to read and review.”

AKA…”you aren’t going to get it any time soon”

So. Here we sit. Waiting.

The yard sale went great! Thanks to all who donated and shopped! Eventually, WHEN we get our HS in hand, we’ll apply for immigration and then when that piece of paper comes back…all docs will go to the state and then to the Chinese Consulate for certification. THEN, it will go to CHINA!

Dossier is DONE. WOW. that was a BREEZE compared to last time. I guess with each one, it gets easier!



  1. Sorry to hear that home study is long in coming, but glad your dossier was a breeze. No, they don't get easier with experience...I think they got a little crazier. Now I'm just downright frightened to even try one again under the Hague rules. Cannot imagine having to get a background check for about 8 different states and several foreign countries! Hope you get it all wrapped up soon and you're on your way!

  2. Right there with you...waiting. Our home study is in the pile too. Trusting in God's perfect plan and timing. (However, I do keep reminding Him that our little ones NEED to come home.)

  3. Grrrr.... On another note we have our first hs today and finish monday and we have the same sw as we did last time so we are kinda friends so maybe she will get our stuff done fast so we can be in the same pile:)

  4. BOOOO for the pile!!!! BOOOOOO!!