Sunday, March 28, 2010

Home Visits Almost Complete

We’ve had HS visits 1,2,and 3! Just one more and we’ll be all done…yeah! The girls loved being here for the last visit. Our social worker asked the girls about having a brother. They told her,

Yes, we’re excited. Now,

we’d like to all sing a song for you

and do a performance.”


Thankfully she is wonderful and went along with it as they took turns singing about Asher.

With a play guitar.

Such girly girls!

We’re holding off a week or so to do this last visit…can’t say why exactly but we’re just asking the Lord to do something BIG again for us and we need to just wait a tad. Not too long, but long enough for the Lord to work if He chooses.

If you haven’t noticed, we ask the Lord to do BIG things often in our life. You ought to try it sometime…instead of asking the Lord for a parking place close to the front, ask Him to shake you up. Instead of asking Him to make your kid sleep thru the night, ask Him to rattle your cage.

You’d be amazed. And blessed beyond your wildest imagination.



  1. Wow almost done with home study yeah for you !!!

  2. Oh by way cant wait to see what God has for y'all!!! and just go ahead and wait cause it will get us closer together cause we got our PA today Baby!!!!

  3. I saw that on your timeline today!! We just missed each other by two weeks last time! There are 2 other families we traveled with also paperchasing so it will be interesting!
    Hang on for the we goooooooo!

  4. Emily, you totally inspire me! This is the second time I've heard to pray big recently and I need to take that advice. Thank you.

  5. Emily - I am anxious to hear what the Big news may be!!! Our EA/PA dates are about the same too and hoping our home study INS gets done quickly so we can be DTC!!! It would be fun to travel together and see that sweet boy of yours. Praying you receive just the news you are needing.